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Exercise for Everyone 

Forrest Stump has launched a national advocacy campaign called #WeJustFeltLikeRunning for disability rights. Through an online petition and race across America, the organization is publicly calling for "The Rights of Americans With Disabilities to Exercise." Help us virtually race 2,758 miles in one day – from Seattle, WA to Washington, DC – to deliver this petition!

October 3rd, 2020
Partnering with 3 Disciplines

Why not make your miles for the #WeJustFeltLikeRunning campaign count towards an August goal! Our partners, 3 Disciplines are hosting an August Challenge. Keep motivated with consistent training and win free racing, jerseys, and T-shirts. Please join 3 Disciplines, it is FREE!! Just email or with your daily training totals in MINUTES. So if you ran 43 minutes today just send an email with run - 43:00. That simple, they post weekly standings. All the details are here.

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