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Exercise for Everyone 

The I Tri for Mac had to be canceled due to pool maintenance at EMU. In lieu of a one day event, we wanted to encourage and motivate people to commit to two weeks of exercise, to move every day! The challenge will happen from October 17-31st. Participants will pledge to complete an amount of exercise per day, and supporters can pledge a dollar amount per completed hour. Winners won’t be decided on the amount of hours they compete, but how many others they can encourage to participate. The winners will receive medals, I Tri for Mac gear, and some surprises.


All of the funds raised will support Orthotics and Prosthetics students at Eastern Michigan University in honor of McKayla. Please support us by pledging to participate or donating to my pledge. I am committing to at least 1 hour of exercise per day from October 17- 31st. Please share this campaign with others so we can share the movement! 

Stay tuned for Details

McKayla motivated so many people to be active! She was passionate about exercise and achieving her goals.  Who can you motivate? How many minutes will you commit to complete? Let's make McKayla proud and not give up even though we are faced with challenges and barriers.


Watch the interview below to hear it from her!

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